About Us


The Ronin Edge was created and born from our sister company, Ronin Sharpening. When making my rounds to perform sharpening services to my local (Palm Desert, CA), hair salons, pet groomers, and restaurants I kept being asked if I also sold shears or cutlery. It quickly became apparent to me that I needed to provide this much needed service as well. So began the long process of interviewing my customers, talking to manufactures, hours of sharpening,  and extensive testing in order to better understand the needs and wants in these industries.

Being able to provide my customers with a full service program has been such a success that we have created this site to provide an additional shopping experience. We have chosen very carefully what we consider to be some of the best in the industry based on quality, craftsmanship and value. With industry leaders such as Sensei Shears, Shun Cutlery, Porsche Cutlery, and Mac Knives. I spent most of 2013 training, designing and now producing my own custom cutlery and knives under Ronin Blades. I am very proud to offer these handcrafted knives to my customers.

Thank you for visiting our site and trusting The Ronin Edge with your next purchase and sharpening needs.


The Ronin Edge